1. Tell me how do you react under pressure as Family Physician?

This is a very important question to answer. Most physician specialties require brilliance in the heat of the moment. Highlight your ability to rise to the occasion when it is necessary.

2. Explain me why did you leave/why are you leaving your job as Family Physician?

If you have already left a previous job, be honest about your reasons, but avoid being too negative or personal. If you are currently employed, keep the focus on what you want in the job for which you are interviewing, rather than problems with your current job.

I enjoy my current practice – my partners are great! However, my husband and I would like to relocate to the Northwest, so our children can grow up with their cousins nearby.

3. Please explain what is your organization's vision for the future?

Where is the organization headed in the next few years? What initiatives or plans do they have in place to get there? How do they assess whether they're making progress toward their goals?

4. Where do you see yourself in five to ten years as Family Physician?

This question is subjective. If you are a locum tenens physician, your answer is going to be different from other physicians' answers. We recommend that you answer honestly. If you plan on entering retirement in the next five to 10 years, tell the interviewer. It is the most fair to both parties. In some cases, it is even okay to say that you don't know.

5. Tell me what is your decision-making process?

Who makes the decisions, and are there opportunities for you to be involved in that process? Along those lines, you might also inquire about the relationship between the administration and the physician staff.

6. Tell us what are the unique and different skills you have as Family Physician?

Every doctor has their own special way of treating the patients. You should be able to satisfy the interviewer with the special skills that you have. Say, as a doctor when there is a sick person who visits you, then you after diagnosing the patient give the list of prescribed tests and only then you give the required medicines. You shall explain to the interviewers that prescribing medicines without any test is not your way of treating the patients.

7. Explain me what would you bring to the practice as Family Physician?

The interviewer isn't going to be impressed with false promises. Highlight what you are good at without sounding overly boastful. Possible answer: I would bring a solid work ethic to the practice, a desire to be part of the team and the ability to provide quality care.

8. Tell us what is your routine on a daily basis as Family Physician?

You should tell the interviewer about your daily work routine. The number of hours that you spend at your clinic or any private hospital where you are appointed. The number of patients that you check on a regular basis. In case you are a surgeon, the number of patients that you operate on a daily basis. If you visit your patients at home, then the number of visits that you make on a daily basis.

9. Explain me how do you deal with stress as Family Physician?

Family Medicine practices are stressful and can lead to burnout without proper self-care. This question helps your potential partners assess how you handle the day-to-day stresses in your practice.

Regular physical activity is my medicine for stress management. I schedule time for myself five days a week to cycle, practice yoga and lift weights. By managing my stress, I have found that I feel healthier and am a better role model for my patients.

10. Do you know what is my role and how does it fit in the organization?

Ask more about this physician job, and the role of your specialty, in the organization. How does this particular job fit into the organization's current plans and its plans for the future? What will be expected of you? How will you be reviewed or assessed?

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