1. Tell us how do you deal with hoax calls?

I find them quite annoying. But since one cannot possibly be sure that the caller is a prankster, it is important to listen carefully and not dismiss the call in case it isn't a hoax after all.

2. Tell us how do you motivate others?

lead by example
☛ work hard
☛ be positive
☛ be optmistic

3. Please tell us do you handle stress well?

As a dispatcher, you will be responsible for contacting the appropriate agencies in emergency situations. At a moment's notice, you must communicate with the police, fire department, hospital, EMTs and other first responders. Also, you must keep the caller calm and provide instructions when appropriate. To answer this question, you can mention what you do to relax in your free time or how you relieve stress on the clock.

4. Tell us why did you decide to become a nurse?

This is one of the questions you should be excited to hear. Odds are you decided to become a nurse to because you genuinely love working with people and caring for others. Share that with the hiring manager. This is a question for your hiring manager to get to know you on a personal level.

5. Tell us your ability to perform several tasks at once?

While working these supervisory shifts, i am required to watch over the entire front end, assist any new hires, answer any telephone calls, assist customers when needed.

6. Explain me an experience where you had to deal with a difficult patient. What did you do?

ER Nurses will often deal with patients who will refuse certain treatment or prove difficult to restrain. Candidates will need to display professionalism and patience in dealing with such patients.

7. Tell me how do you know when you are getting stressed?

I have a feeling of being overwhelmed but then I immediately prioritize and revert back to my knowledge and training.

8. Explain me why did you opt to work as an ambulance dispatcher?

Let's just say that I like challenges, and working as an ambulance dispatcher is as challenging as it can get!

9. Tell us why are you interested in working in this emergency department?

Your interviewer will want to know why you're seeking a job at this hospital versus the one across town. Before your interview, take time to learn about the hospital and its emergency department, then share what you've found most compelling.

10. Explain me about a mistake you made in dealing with a crisis. How did you overcome it?

Candidates need to acknowledge that mistakes in their profession can often have severe consequences for their patients. Nonetheless, mistakes will happen. Candidates will need to describe how they managed their mistakes and the lessons they have learned.

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