1. What is clonal energy?

It is a state, in which the antigen cannot activate the cells.

2. What is an alveolar macrophage?

Macrophage, which is found in alveolus of the lung, is alveolar macrophage.

3. What is secreted immunoglobulin?

It is a form of antibody, which is secreted by cells of B lineage.

4. What is a thymocyte?

It is a developing T cell, which is present in the thymus.

5. What is the function CD4 antigen?

It acts as a co receptor for MHC class II restricted T cell activation; receptor for HIV.

6. What is exotoxin?

Toxin produced by a microorganism, which is released into surrounding fluid, is called exotoxin.

7. What are immunoglobulin folds?

Immunoglobulin domains are folded into compact structures, which are called as immunoglobulin folds.

8. What are altered self-cells?

The cytotoxic T lymphocytes which kill foreign antigens complexes with MHC I molecules are called altered self-cells.

9. What is naïve B cell?

Mature B cell is called naïve B cell.

10. What is clonal selection?

Proliferation of B cells in response to interaction with an antigen is called clonal selection.

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