1. Tell us what was your inspiration to pick up a career as an infant teacher?

I have always genuinely loved children, and was motivated to pick up this line of work, as I was convinced that making a difference in their lives was my forte. I took up special Montessori training, and have been working as an infant teacher ever since.

2. Can you tell us why did you select teaching preschool as a career?

Being a preschool teacher requires a true love for the field and working with kids. The interviewer is ensuring these are traits you possess.

"Growing up I was the oldest of six brothers and sisters. Helping my mother to care for them gave me the skills to be a nurturer. I worked as a babysitter and in various child care centers before I became a teacher. I always found myself drawn to similar jobs. I developed a passion for working with kids and found I was quite skilled at it."

3. Please explain what defines success for you as a preschool teacher?

Children in their formative years require more out of a teacher than others. The interviewer wants to find out if you have any goals or takeaways for your preschoolers.

"I have a few goals I aim to achieve that allow me to measure my success as well. First, my overall objective is to instill a positive attitude towards education. Second, I strive to build independence and confidence in my preschoolers so that they use their full potential. Lastly, I teach my students to celebrate their differences and interact positively with one another. If they walk away with at least a little of each aspect, then I feel as though I have succeeded in my role."

4. Explain me how do you handle a behavioral problem in the classroom?

As a preschool teacher, you must be prepared for children that will misbehave. Explain to the interviewer how you would handle such a situation.

"Preschoolers are on the learning curve of distinguishing between right and wrong so I feel as though light reprimandation is adequate. As their teacher, it is my job to inform and help guide them. If a behavioral problem does arise, I typically put the child in time out. It's extremely crucial that parents are on board with my route of disciplinary action . Also, time out gives the child the opportunity to calm down and reflect on his or her misbehavior. After about five or so minutes, I would have a one-on-one discussion with the child about why they were removed from the group and how to make a better choice next time around."

5. Explain me what was your most challenging day in the role of an infant teacher till now?

To be honest, all days are challenging in their own way. However, there was a time when a child managed to lodge a grape in her throat, and an emergency was declared. Putting my first aid training into action, I managed to get her to throw it out. Those few moments were quite harrowing though!

6. Tell us as a daycare teacher assistant, what do you deem are three important duties that you will be responsible for?

Basic care, supervision and instruction are the three most important duties that any daycare teacher performs.

7. Explain me have you ever worked in a daycare where you had to handle children with special needs? What was your experience?

I have been fortunate enough to work with several children with “special needs” as we insist on calling them. I find these children to be highly intelligent – they do not conform to ordinary channels of communication or instruction but their achievements surpass anything that I have ever seen.

8. Explain me what makes you the best candidate for this position as Infant & Toddler Specialist?

This is a loaded question! Of all your qualifications, state the ones that put you over the top. Although you need to maintain a professional demeanor throughout the interview, this question calls for your personal views on early childhood education and how you see yourself contributing to the program. When preparing for the interview, consider the following: Why did you choose the field of early childhood education? How dedicated are you to the young children you teach? How has the field affected your thinking, previous jobs, and life experiences? This is the last message you will share with interviewers, so be sure to give an answer that represents you as a unique individual.

9. Please explain what part of being an early childhood teacher givesyou the most satisfaction?
What part of doing this work is the most difficult for you?

This question is a good way to get to know the person behind the application. It asks them to talk about how their personality interfaces with their work. Asking them about what provides satisfaction will help you understand what motivates them to do high quality and help you determine if the applicant is likely to find that satisfaction in your program. By asking them what's difficult for them, you may learn whether or not this candidate will be happy working in your program over a long period of time. You may determine that it's unlikely you could provide those things that give them the greatest satisfaction, or prevent things that are problematic for them. This question will help you determine if it's a good match or a good fit between what it is that you do, and what they need to be a productive and happy employee. This question may require you to press a little bit further. It's not enough for them to respond that they do this work "Because I love children." They need to elaborate on this and be specific about what aspects of their work are the most exciting. It's also interesting to note how much they respond to this question by separating out the child from the family context. How do they feel about working with parents or other family members? Do they find satisfaction in working with children but frustration in working with parents? This isn't an unusual dichotomy, but it will be problematic further down the road.

10. Explain me what is the one thing that you keep a constant lookout for when assuming the role of an infant teacher?

While an infant teacher needs to be hands-on in many areas, it is her prime responsibility to ensure that children are kept safe at all times. I make sure that all the children under my care are well looked after.

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