1. What is the importance of technology?

The need to save both time and money is very high nowadays. Technology is an important part of a medical assistant's work as there is so much organization that is needed. Scheduling appointments, handling medical accounting activities and creating reports with accuracy and speed is not easy without support derived from technology.

2. What is your duties as a medical assistant?

► Greeting visitors and patients and scheduling appointments.
► Making follow up calls to patients and handling telephone queries.
► Completing and submitting insurance forms.
► Taking and recording patients' histories and typing up patient charts.
► Creating and updating medical records.
► Assisting physicians during medical examinations.
► Ensuring that treatment rooms, equipment and instruments are kept in good order.

3. What is your major responsibilities in your recent job?

I was responsible for bookkeeping, billing and filling out insurance forms. In addition, I was also accountable for taking vitals, recording medical histories, updating and filing medical records, conducting diagnostic tests and developing X-rays.

4. What work experience you have?

I had been working as a medical assistant at the XYZ Clinic for three years.

5. How you qualified as a medical assistant?

I have acquired and associate's degree from ABC College with special focus on anatomy and physiology. My experience in my previous work place as also instilled in me the knowledge of clinical treatment procedures, diagnostics, record keeping, accounting and insurance processing.

6. What makes you right for this position?

This question can be tricky because you need to show your worth without sounding cocky or arrogant. Research the business ahead of time and become familiar with its mission and values. Take the time to figure out how your personal qualities fit the needs of the business and use that fit to provide your answer.

7. How to protect the rights and confidentiality of patients?

This is the perfect opportunity to impart your knowledge of HIPAA. Your answer should show that you are very knowledgeable regarding regulations and that you place patient rights and confidentiality at the top of your priority list as a medical assistant. If you are at all unclear about HIPAA regulations, be sure to study the material thoroughly before rehearsing your response.

8. What is the most important part of counseling patients?

In your job, you will likely be responsible for providing a great deal of patient counseling. Make sure your answer includes the need to listen to the patient, to allow the patient to ask questions, and to show empathy when dealing with patients and families while providing detailed, accurate information.

9. Have you assisted with any medical office procedures?

Even if you are a fresh graduate, you likely have some experience as an extern. Prepare for this question in advance by thinking of all procedures in which you have assisted. When answering the question, give a detailed but succinct account of your experience and your contribution to the experience.

10. What do you like about being a medical assistant?

Never, ever use this question as an opportunity to complain. A better approach is to state that you wish your responsibilities were not as limited so you could provide more assistance to the doctor. Be prepared to provide an example that supports your answer.

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