1. Who is nurse?

Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.

2. Tell me about your future goals?

Your answer should show your commitment to this job and facility.
You can explain how this nursing job meets your long term objectives by providing an opportunity to grow and develop your nursing skills.
Be realistic and select reasonable, achievable goals otherwise you will come across as a bit of a dreamer.

3. Explain the typical duties of a registered nurse?

Nurses implement healthcare plans and keep patient records and reports. They cannot make diagnoses, but they do monitor vital signs and symptoms and report them. They can then modify care plans, according to their observations, patient response, and the advice of the doctor.

4. Why did you choose your specialty area of nursing?

Whether the area of specialization is ER, Occupational Health, Community Health, ICU or any other, the key to answering interview questions about your nursing career choice is to be very specific about why you chose it. What influenced you in your choice? How did you explore your options? Highlight how your strengths are best utilized in this area and how it suits your personal competencies.

5. Tell me how do you stay current with the nursing profession?

Nurse interview questions about your motivation to learn and stay updated are important indicators of your commitment to nursing as a career. Examples include attending conferences, subscribing to professional nursing journals, joining relevant forums and groups and conducting online research.

6. What is the most important qualities for this nursing job?

Make your answer relevant to the specific nursing job. For example common qualities required for successful performance as an ER Nurse include adaptability, resilience, critical thinking, organization and planning, emotional stability and high stress tolerance.

7. Tell me why are you interested in this particular nursing job?

Again prepare for this by finding out as much as possible about the job and the facility. Demonstrate why this job is the one you particularly want using this background research. For example:
"I am specifically looking for a position in a facility like this because of it's excellent emergency care.

8. Tell me why are you the right person for this nursing job?

Highlight why your training and experience qualify you for this specific nurse job. Prepare for this beforehand by closely reviewing the key job requirements and matching the relevant skills and abilities you have gained to these. Provide specific examples of these skills when answering this question.
Use your background research to show your understanding of the key challenges faced by this organization. Detail how you can help meet these challenges and be part of the solution.

9. Nursing Career interview questions part 7:

► Do you plan to have a family? When?
► How many kids do you have?
► What are your child care arrangements?
► To what clubs or social organizations do you belong?
► How tall are you?
► How much do you weigh?
► Do you have any disabilities?
► What is your medical history?
► Have you had any recent or past illnesses or operations?
► How is your family's health?
► Have you ever been arrested?
► If you have been in the military, were you honorably discharged?

10. Nursing Career interview questions part 6:

► What are the motivating factors for your personal happiness? For satisfaction in the workplace?
► Tell me about an important goal you set for yourself and how you were successful in achieving it?
► Describe how you demonstrate professionalism in your activities. What behaviors and characteristics contribute to that image?
► Describe a situation where you persuaded an individual or group to follow your course of action rather than their previously stated position?
► What was the hardest job you held, and what did you do to get through it?

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