4. What is the Normal range for fast blood sugar?

fasting blood sugar after 8 hours of overnight fasting shall
be between 70 to 99 mg/dl. Any increase from this range
shall be viewed seriously and blood sugar checked
periodically with glucometer or by means of any accredited lab.

5. Name the causal organism of measles?

measles is caused by a virus.it's known as paramyxo virus.
its main genetic component is rna virus.

6. Name the essential aminoacid present in children?

essential amino acid present in children is histidine

7. Name the instrument which is used for counting rbc?

HAEMOCYTOMETER is an instrument used for counting the
red blood cells per millimetre of blood.

8. What is the incubation period for the disease mumps and what is the causal organism?

the incubation period for mumps is 2-3 weeks and the
causal organism is Myxovirus parotiditis.

9. What is the total salt content of blood plasma?

total salt content of blood plasma is about 0.85-0.9%
main salts are sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate.
along with this several chlorodes,phosphates,carbonates and
bicarbonates of sodium,calcium,magnesium are present.