1. Tell us what is guiding your choice of actions?

Obviously, the world you live in (your socio-political environment) your particular individual passions (moral sensibilities), and the opportunities for activism that present themselves are all important. There weren't many animal rights activists concerned with deep-sea oil drilling in the 19th Century, and I'd wager there aren't many in present day Haiti.

2. Tell us who knows you best, besides yourself?

Probably my friends. Because they've been with me and I think I communicate a lot. We don't have the traditional Latino relationship, you know, where you have to be super respectful. We get into it, we argue, we discuss. They'll argue with me: "You're too busy doing that." And I'll get into it with them, about what their lives are about.

3. Explain me about a time you had to fire a friend?

Hopefully you've never had to do this, but if you did, talk about how hard it was personally to fire anyone but that you did it objectively.

4. What is your biggest fear as Activist?

Don't try to sugarcoat the answer by listing something ambitious as a fear, unless you truly mean it (for example: I fear being a great leader) - Share your real fears but discuss how you would overcome them.

5. Explain me about something you are particularly proud of in your social work career?

Here is your chance to show how you are the best candidate for the position. Use stories of how you have managed complex cases. Bring in examples of how you assess and address risk, and try to cover which models of practice and methodology you use and why.

6. Tell us what sparked your activism?

I think my mother was a feminist for her time. She was what I call an "equal-opportunity" mother because even before she had the restaurant, we all three had to do the housework. My older brother and my younger brother and I split up the chores evenly. We had to do dishes. And there was a chart, and after you did your chores you got to put an X on there. We had to sweep and mop the floors, make the beds, and do the dishes and do the laundry. All of us equally. So my brothers learned that growing up. My mother never made me do anything for my brothers, like serve them. I think that's an important lesson, especially for the Latino culture, because the women are expected to be the ones that serve and cook and whatever. Not in our family.

7. What motivates you to work as Activist?

Describe what makes you passionate about the work. It could be the company's vision, the product, your desire to succeed, the clients, your peers and so on. They key is to first understand what internally motivates you to do your job and then to emphasize that in a positive way

8. Tell me what pieces of legislation would you say are relevant to the role?

Preparation is key. Review relevant legislation and policy, and consider current debates too, but try to avoid discussions around party politics. What an employer is looking for is an understanding of your legal obligations as a social worker. For example, a role in adult social work will require knowledge of the Care Act 2014, while a children and families social worker would need to demonstrate that they are up to date with the Children and Families Act 2014.

9. Tell us due to the nature of The Activist Investor business and services we may ask that you complete a full background check. Are you willing to comply?

I can fully understand why The Activist Investor would need to conduct background checks on all potential employees. I have a squeaky clean record and am happy to comply with any of your requests.
If you have a mark on your record: "I can fully understand why The Activist Investor would need to conduct background checks on all potential employees. I did have a charge against me approximately 6 years ago for a DUI. I have gained my drivers' license back since then but I thought I should disclose that to you ahead of time.

10. Tell us about a difficult decision you've made in the last year?

We all have difficult decisions in our lives. Show how you were able to arrive at it and then how you decisively acted.

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