1. List some of the fastest growing careers future?

Here are a few jobs for the careers future which are growing fast:
☛ Registered nurse
☛ Retail salesperson
☛ Home health aids
☛ Personal care aids
☛ Office clerks
☛ Food preparation and serving workers
☛ Customer service representatives
☛ Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers
☛ Laborers
☛ Post secondary teachers

2. List a few jobs which will have the largest number of openings in future?

Here are jobs found to have the largest numbers of online openings:
☛ Computer occupations
☛ Health diagnosing and treating practitioners
☛ Other management occupations
☛ Financial specialists
☛ Business operations specialists
☛ Sales representatives, services
☛ Engineers
☛ Information and record clerks
☛ Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations and sales managers
☛ Supervisors of sales workers

3. List some tips to answer about where do you see yourself in five years to get careers future?

This question has a tendency of throwing interviewees into panic mode. Here are some pointers on what interviewers really want to hear:
☛ Be ambitious but realistic
☛ Talk in terms of achievements and responsibilities
☛ Be specific but flexible
☛ Talk about your professional, rather personal, ambitions
☛ Emphasis the value you can bring to the organisation

4. List some ways to find careers future?

Start by considering your options. You can take many paths and you may discover new talents and passions in the process of exploring. The quick exercises below can help lead you in the right direction:
☛ Think About What You Love
☛ Identify Defining Experiences
☛ Create a Self-Portrait
☛ Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses
☛ Explore Careers

5. Why would you think about what you love for the careers future?

What classes have you found especially inspiring? What activities keep you so absorbed that you do not even notice how much time has passed? Listing 10 things you love can help reveal possible paths.

6. How would you identify defining your experiences to find careers future?

Think about three experiences that taught you something about yourself. Choose the one that gave you the greatest sense of satisfaction and write a sentence that explains why that was so. If you can pinpoint what makes you happy, you can aim toward a career that will provide those types of experiences.

7. How would you create a self portrait for finding careers future?

Are you friendly, creative, impatient, funny, organized? Try writing down a list of 10 qualities you feel describe your personality. Ask your friends and family to name some of your qualities, sometimes other people see us more clearly than we see ourselves. Add their suggestions to your list. Now think about what sort of career fits the person your list describes.

8. How would you explore careers to find your careers future?

What do actuaries or archaeologists really do? What sorts of opportunities will there be in the future for architects or art directors? Imagine yourself in different roles as you explore Major and Career Search.
Remember, even if you know someone who has been planning to be a doctor since the age of seven, most young people do not know what they want to do or be. Many adults actually work in a few different jobs before selecting a career path. You have time to get to know yourself and find a career that suits you.

9. Please tell me how would you consider your weaknesses for finding careers future?

Your weaknesses can also tell you a lot about where you might go. You can either steer away from careers that require skills you are not confident about or work to improve weaknesses that may keep you from your goals.

10. Tell me how would you consider your strengths to find careers future?

Make a list of your five top strengths and weaknesses. What sorts of employers would be interested in your strengths? If you are a good public speaker, for example, explore what types of careers call for that skill.

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