1. What is more important to be lucky or skillful?

I think that it's more important to be lucky, although being very skilled can help to create more opportunities. Certainly, [at my former job, my boss'] confidence in me inspired the decision makers at our firm to trust that I could do the job. But clearly, I also happened to be in the right place at the right time.

2. What's your favorite color?

Yes! Colors can give you all sorts of insight. If hiring was truly efficient, a skilled hiring manager could reduce the entire process down to watching an episode of Sesame Street and digging through a box of crayons.
They're probably in an argument with their spouse. That's not good for a workplace environment.
Who is this person, Kermit the Frog? It ain't easy being green and it's even more difficult to get a job if you walk around answering questions with 'green.'
Your perfect applicant probably off'd someone under a bridge. Seriously, that's just common knowledge. Don't bother running a background check, you already know.

3. Suppose if you were an Apple, which would you be?

If they tell you golden delicious, then you can tell them to get out. They better not say Macintosh either. You don't need crazy Apple fan boys talking about Steve Jobs all day. There's work to be done!
If they answer with Granny Smith, then you have a totally legal reason to hire someone else. Granny Smith apples hurt to eat, and you'll hurt your company by hiring someone who eats them. Bitter apples equal bitter employees.

4. If you were an elephant, would you rather play hopscotch or jump rope?

Another trick question! The real answer would be to paint a fresco along the Moroccan coast. Business is all about thinking outside of the box. If they can't figure their way out of this simple teaser, they don't have a chance in the real business world.

5. Are you creative?

Yes, I believe I'm a creative individual. I'm certainly able to think laterally and to be inventive in terms of finding solutions to problems. Quantity surveying isn't generally seen as a particularly creative profession but I have nevertheless used my creative abilities on numerous occasions, for example converting old manual systems of reporting to highly automated - and much more accurate - spreadsheet based systems. This saved myself and my team a considerable amount of time in the long-term as well as meaning we were less exposed to the professional embarrassment of errors in our calculations.

6. Tell me when you quit, how and why will you do it?

Don't accept any reply short of, I can't quit because that will break my life-oath to die at this desk in my continuous goal of upping production until the last measly breath slips across my cold lips.
Your business deserves dedication.

7. If you had to pick between air, your family, or a $200 gift card to Staples, which you choose?

This one can sound tricky, but the prepared interviewee will know just what to say.
But I can't live without air!" a terrible applicant may suggest. Please. Air would be the obvious choice. You don't want obvious employees.
But I love my family more than anything! an applicant may exclaim if they apparently don't want a job. This isn't a holiday. You need someone to work. Plus, if someone already has a family, they'll never truly become part of yours.
Well, I don't breath that often and I hate my dream-slaughtering family. I'll go with the gift card.
Hire. This. Person.

8. Who play you in a movie?

Men or women, if the candidates don't answer with George Clooney, you don't want them.

9. Are you single?

Admittedly, you should only ask this question under certain circumstanceslike if you want to go out with the applicant.

10. Suppose if you were a sweater, what kind would you be?

Cardigans are slow learners and they'll hate using computers.
V-necks won't add any originality to your business plans, but they'll probably look quite dashing.
Sweater vests combine the best of all worlds, and plus their armpits won't sweat. We recommend option three as the safest bet.
Oh, and anything made of wool will need to be shown the door.
Seriously, wool is itchy.

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