1. How you can measure the success of your incentives?

Whilst working in a XYZ as a leader, I introduced Sugar Fridays giving my team sweets and treats to get them through the Friday slog.
Prior to introducing the incentive, I compiled a backlog of sales figures from previous Fridays. I then introduced the incentive on a trial period, continued collecting data and cross-compared the results. There was an obvious peak in sales figures and so the incentive became permanent.

2. Have you ever utilized customer complaint feedback to improve how your team are selling?

I started to notice that a lot of customers were complaining about feeling patronized by my agents. In response to this, I listened to the calls these complaints stemmed from and realized that words such as wonderful were being over used.
I then had a meeting with the worst offenders in my team and suggested changes that they could make to correct this behavior. After this meeting, customer complaints reduced and sales increased.

3. How you can motivate yourself and your team?

This question is a test of character and is especially important if you are being interviewed for a management role.
An ideal answer will demonstrate that you are able to support your team, even when things do not go according to plan.

4. What is your experience of whole end-to-end feedback process?

Recommend thinking about a specific instance and then discussing this in detail. Outline the process stage by stage and, if there are areas that need improvement, focus your answers on the solutions instead of the problems.

5. How to deal with work issues?

Morale is infectious whether positive or negative and, when working in a team-orientated environment, it's important that there is always an air of positivity around.
Its therefore vitally important to ensure that if you're having a bad day, you contain this and don't let it influence the morale levels of the team, and in turn the productivity and efficiency of the overall operation.

6. How your team describe your leadership?

Try to think about how you would describe yourself if someone asked you for your strengths, then relate these to what people say about you; peers, agents, managers and stakeholders. Have three or four at the ready, ideally in line with the role you are being interviewed for. Have examples or situations ready, in case your interviewer wants to drill down as to why you think or believe these are your key strengths.

7. Can you Described your biggest achievement?

If possible, think work related. There will hopefully be a number of things you are most proud of in your career to date. Think about your key achievements; were they commercial, people or process orientated? What was the cause and effect? How were you involved, what was improved, saved or developed.
If you are short on career-based examples, use personal achievements which demonstrate the commercial skills required for the role, such as team work, commitment, empathy, determination, attention to detail, etc.

8. Give me an example of _______?

You will need two or three instances of how you may have: delivered change, managed conflict, improved performance, reduced absence, increased customer satisfaction, etc. You also need to be able to clearly and concisely communicate the problem, solution and outcome.

9. How to manage changes?

Change is an essential part of life in any call center or leadership environment, as the industry strives to achieve best practice for their customers and stakeholders. Have some examples on how you personally managed, or were affected by, some change. What was your focus, what were you aiming to achieve and how did you deliver the outcome? Know what the problems encountered were and what was learned through and following the transformation.

10. Described an example when you had to motivate and develop a team in a challenging work environment?

During interviews, difficult or awkward questions could come your way. The intention is not to catch you out, but to test how you operate under pressure.
Be clear and precise and be sure to convey any previous first-hand experience you have. they will want to feel confident that you can handle similar issues within the new role.

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