1. How would you handle if you are introducing a new policy into the team or group. You are facing a bit of opposition?

On principle, I would introduce any policy very gently. If feasible, I would hold a small meeting of the group that is affected and introduce them to the policy, as well as take the time to inform them of the advantages they and the company would obtain once the policy is in place.
Also, I would stress the fact that the policy is not a hard and fast rule and it may be reworked if the people are not completely comfortable working under such a rule and policy.

2. Who is on the Citizens' Panel?

The panel includes people from all backgrounds and all areas of County.
Membership of the panel is on the basis of age, gender, ethnicity, disability and whereabouts they live.

3. Panel single candidate interview questions:

► An interview on some logic questions - conducted mainly for R&D, designers and programmers.
► Professional work-related questions - "what would you do if" questions.
► Professional Presentation - conducted mainly for marketing and sales managers.

4. Panel interview questions:

► The candidates are role playing as managers in a company. The company is facing a complicated project which would increase the company's bottom line extensively. The team receives a specific set of project issues to handle.
► The team should invent a patent, establish a start-up company or design a new product based on a new technology.
► The team members have to build a new business from scratch. Each member assumes a role in this new business. The business should be built upon specific market needs.
► The candidates discuss a situation in which there is a need for a product change - dropping it or selling to a completely different market.

5. How would you set your priorities if team is working on a very sensitive project which is on the verge of completion. Another project comes in which is very important?

The first thing that I would look into while taking a new project is the learning curve that would have to be generated. If the learning curve is too high, I would give the assignment to a senior, taking the work that he or she already has and give it to a junior resource. This way, the new assignment will be worked on side by side with the old assignment, enabling simultaneous implementation of both assignments.

6. What preparations need for Panel interview?

The team members receive an interesting situation, which is basically - a statement of conditions and practices that may exist in a real-life situation.

7. Tell me panel interview Techniques?

► Decisions have to be made without all the data the team would normally desire. It reflects the real conditions facing people in almost every real situation.
► There may be several acceptable solutions to a case.

8. Tell me tips for Panel interview?

► The interviewers purposely provide some, but usually not all, of the information in a manner that requires re-arrangement of data and analyses of the facts.
► Some of the facts may be irrelevant and therefore require evaluation of opinions, ideas and intentions.

9. Why have a Citizens' Panel?

► Ongoing panels are more cost effective than one-off public opinion
► Provides good quality statistically representative research
► Gives a more balanced response than traditional ways of consulting
with people
► Encourages greater understanding of decision-making in the Council
► Contributes to democratic renewal and encourages participation in
democratic processes.

10. What is the citizen panel?

Citizens' Panel is County's biggest think-tank - a valuable
resource consisting of a representative group of local people willing to lend their views about a variety of issues for the good of their community.

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