1. Explain how to answer a question that how can u contribute to software from electrical background?

on that type of question we can answer in such a way that interviewer must recognise your programing skills. as we can say that i know i am good apptitude towards solving a logical situation and thus also great learner so i am able to learn and implement any programing language within little time.

tell me your views is this right what i think a i only guess that this must be a possible good answer and i am also from electronics bacground.

2. Tell me If there is a fixed deadline given by manager, walk through the steps you would take?

If there is a deadline given by manager.I will first try to make the planning by breaking the whole job in small goals.Then breaking those goals in to daily targets.Then breaking the daily target in to hourly assignments.Then I will proceed to do the job

3. Can you come up with an year plan?

It shouln'tbe quantized on the day to day basis but yes on the per task basis it can be done. And I think that should be the practice. Once the task priority is determined, the next step is to allocate the required time frame for the tasks. But remember it's not always the case of 'direct proportionate' relation between the task priority and the time allocated for its completion. Higher priority tasks are simple the one that need to finished first.

4. Explain array?

an srray is the collection of similar data elements.

5. What are my weaknesses. I dont really know my weaknesses. I know my strengths. Can you give me some examples of weaknesses?

on't think like that. U have no weekness, u r thinking that u have problems. There is no weekness think positively. If u think u r a positive person behave like that. If u r positive there is no weekness. Life is very big enjoy it. Don't worrry i hope u r a brave person go ahead.

6. Why you have low percentage in your first year, while good marks in other years?

Franklly to tell, i was not that much aware about how exams pattern was?& also not having proper time management for study,but next year i changed my realisation & star study seriously...deciding that it will never happen again..

8. Why do you want to be in software field?

you can say that when the time of joining my mechanical engineering graduation i dont have clear idea about IT industry but nowdays IT industry is growing well and now i m ready to build my career in IT-sector

9. What do you say if HR is asking why you are looking for a change?

My company wanted to cutdown the work force, it had three round and i survived till the last round but the last round was for more than 50% elimination and i was choosen.


my company had outsourced the department where i was working to other country.

10. Explain what is the use of taking mechanical engineer for a software company? How mechanical engineer can contribute to a software company?

It's not true that only the professionals from the specialized branch are required at a freshers post. I, non-computer background engg. placed in a CMMI-5 Indian leading s/w firm in PLM domain, believe that the campus recruitees just check ones logical content and confidance during PI at the entry level. Besides this, communication is given priority. Technical excellence and participation in socio-culture activities add values. Mechanical enggs can contribute to s/w company by their excellent analytical skills. It's very clear that given training, moreover opportunity, they can prove themselves well and can stand tall among the s/w enggs.

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