1. I did not know how work with VB, many are said that VB is very tough to learn and implementing into project. suggest to me is it difficult to learn VB. Is there any learning note to learn VB on this site from the beginning?

No its not true that VB is tough Language.Its more simplier than other language.U dont need to remember complex codes to make program in VB.I m using vb over 5 years & i suggest u to learn it

2. Hi i want to learn UNIX can u suggest me how i can learn quickly?

YOu can learn UNIX quickly only the concepts.I woudl suggest take some online UNIX manual help or some good books on UNIX and try practising on UNIX system. This would help you to learn quickly and efficiently.

3. Please inform good and Economical MM module training center in Pune?

Seed Infotect near Nal Stop Karve Road is good institute for learning Software Testing in Pune

4. May i know the name of the companies which provide training for 6th sem of MCA?

There are no specific companies fo giving training alone. You have to approach the companies and if they have some short term project which requires staff for temporary assignments they would give it for students for doing their project or training work.

5. Hello i have two year of experience in testing i want to increase my knowledge in qa can anybody suggest me any books, link for that?

If you want to get into a career of Quality Assurance I would suggest you to do certification courses on the same and get certified and once you are into job you can learn a lot in real time work experience.

6. Hello all i need advise on a good short term course with java struts, since i am working it is mandatory that it be after 6.00p.m?

I had forgotton to mention, I am from Bangalore, and need advise on a good short time course in struts since i am working the course timeings need to be after 6.00

8. Hi I am in 8th semester of computer engineering. with 69 aggregate till 7th sem. i want to do job with the best effort. please suggest me. right now i m doing project training as 8th sem. in IITB?

With IITB tag and due to increasing demand in the industry you must be already having offers in hand from the companies visited your campus. When it comes to choosing the company , I feel you should opt better company rather than package. Which I feel will definitely work for you in future.

If you do not have an offer on hand take it from you will get it sooner.

I personally feel that taking up a job in 8th sem may affect your studies