1. How to answer the question about weakness?

This is a common question in any interview, so don't try to avoid answering it.
☷ Never mentioning a weakness that relates to a crucial requirement of the job.
☷ Don't try to make up a weakness.
☷ Don't say you have no weakness. No one is perfect, therefore, you shouldn't say you have no weakness.

2. What are the adhering of interview expectations?

Employers want creative individuals, but they only want to see that creativity when it comes to doing your job efficiently. At the interview, they want you to appear as though you are a model employee, and to do that effectively you must follow all of the job interview protocol listed above.

3. Are you goal-oriented person?

Employers look for applicants who are goal-oriented. Show a desire for continuous learning by listing hobbies non-work related. Regardless of what hobbies you choose to showcase, remember that the goal is to prove self-sufficiency, time management, and motivation.

4. What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year of your job?

Try to include improvement activities that relate to the job. A wide variety of activities can be mentioned as positive self-improvement. Have some good ones handy to mention.

5. Suppose If an employer asked you about your experience? How can you explain your experience?

Tell the employer what responsibilities you were performing during your job. You can tell what programs you developed and what modules you worked on. What were your achievements regarding different programs.

6. What experience i should share to the interviewer?

Speak about specifics that relate to the position you are applying for. If you do not have specific experience, get as close as you can.

7. How to solved weakness absolutely?

A better approach is that you state one point which was once your weakness, but you have done well to resolve it.
I tended to be a perfectionist, therefore I didn't like to delegate to others. But I have found out that in order to develop the organization, everyone in the organization must be experienced with many tasks and this is very good for an efficient team work.

8. How to turned your strong point into weak point?

I am a perfectionist and therefore, I rarely believe in anyone who can work as well as me. As a result, I am afraid to delegate important tasks to others. This approach has a weak side as that if you are not clever, you will cause the employer to believe that you are cheating him.

9. Can we wear heavy cologne or perfume?

DO NOT wear heavy cologne or perfume. Some people have allergies.

10. Job Interview Protocol tips part 6:

☛ DO NOT show up late or call the interviewer to ask where the place is located on the day of the interview.
☛ DO NOT wear heavy cologne or perfume. Some people have allergies.
☛ DO NOT have somewhere to be after the interview that may require you to leave early. If there is some very pressing business that needs your attention, schedule the interview on a different day or much, much earlier.
☛ DO NOT discuss salary, benefits, or vacation during your interview unless prompted by the interviewer.
☛ DO NOT tell the interviewer that you are planning on leaving the job to go to graduate school, move, or start your own company any time in the future. You can quit any job if need be, but during the interview you must act as though you plan on being with the company forever.

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