1. What goals that you have achieved in the past year?

Look for an answer that demonstrates real ambition that is also backed, not only by persistence, but by a real enthusiasm to succeed. Try to determine if they have a record of practical achievement.
i have a only one goal and i will definitely achieve in future but without my past hard work i will not achieve my goal.

2. Described the most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it?

The purpose of this question is to find out what your definition of difficult is and whether you can show a logical approach to problem solving. In order to show yourself in a positive light, select a difficult work situation which was not caused by you and which can be quickly explained in a few sentences. Explain how you defined the problem, what the options were, why you selected the one you did and what the outcome was. Always end on a positive note.

3. Described your travel Achievements?

On academic accomplishment, I managed to successfully complete my study. On professional/career achievement, I managed to survive and adapt in one of the undeveloped countries in Africa to support and train local people to do our job function for my company. I also did the same role for my company in one of central Asia countries and these experiences taught me to not be shy and to overcome the fears of talking and communicating with people. In the oil service industry you have to have a very outgoing personality and can't be shy, and this made me a love travel. I love to visit a lot of places and learn about different cultures. I am proud to say that I am a person who really knows what multicultural means.

4. Described your achievements as relationship with the customers?

My biggest accomplishment in the position was my relationship with the customers. They knew that I would do my best for them and they knew I would go out of the way to help them. I would treat them like I would wish to be treated if I was a customer at that store. I pride myself that no matter how bad the company I worked for was, the customer were special.

5. What is your most proudest Achievement?

Try not to go too far back; try to pick a recent achievement. If you've included an Achievements section in your CV, then this will be a good starting point for you to generate ideas.

6. Described the benefits of your recent achievements?

My greatest achievement so far in my career would probably be winning the Manager of the Year award last year. I made numerous operational changes at my branch, including a massive reduction in stock levels - which significantly boosted our working capital. I also drove up sales levels, especially by increasing the uptake of after-sales insurance packages. The net effect was that we smashed the previous branch sales record by an impressive 37% - and profits rose in line with this. This directly resulted in my promotion to the management of the flagship Edinburgh branch.

7. Why one should describe clearly to the interviewer about achievements?

☛ What it is that you achieved
☛ What the background and circumstances were
☛ What impact it had on your career/life

8. Which one is the high point of your career so far?

You'll want to make sure you have thought through this question carefully before the interview and have selected both a key professional achievement as well as a key personal achievement; cover both bases.

9. Which actions you took to achieve the goal?

☛ Tasks during the activity
☛ personal management activities
☛ The changes and difficulties that you handled effectively.

10. Why one should keep real about achievements?

It is important that you pick an achievement that you are genuinely proud of, something that is true to you. When we tell stories we naturally relive the emotions we felt during that time and you want to be passionate and engaging when talking to your interviewer.

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