1. Tell me about your personal contribution to the team's performance?

Refer to your strengths such as planning and organizing, analyzing and problem-solving. Support your answer with specific examples of how you used these strengths to contribute to the team. What special role did you play and how was your contribution received by the team?

2. Tell me what about this position appeals to you most?

Give specific examples of why this position and company excite you. Refer to the positives you have learned about the organization and the job from this group interview process. Think about how you can prove your passion and interest for the position. Why would you prefer to work for this company rather than their competitors? Use your background research to prepare for group interview questions like this.

3. Tell me what you bring to this position?

I have worked as part of a team on a number of projects and received positive feedback about my role and contribution. Particular mention was made of my ability to initiate new ways of looking at the challenges and problems and then encouraging contributions from other team members.

4. How your colleagues described you?

They describe me as dependable, probably because I always meet my deadlines." or "They consider me highly adaptable, I am able to work effectively with very diverse people. My last department consisted of ......

5. What are some tips for group interview?

Dress and act professionally during the interview. With the panel format, you also have to prepare resume and portfolio materials for all the members of the panel.

6. How this job fit with your career goals?

Consider realistically the opportunities available in this organization. Refer to what you will learn in this position and how this fits in with your personal development plan.

7. What are your goals?

Tailor your goals to the realities of this position and company. Don't offer specific job titles or time frames. Focus on types of experiences you hope to gain and the abilities you want to develop.

8. What is personal group interview?

Personal group interview questions designed to get to know you as an individual may be asked on a one-to-one basis during the group interview process.

9. How would you describe yourself?

Avoid just repeating what is on your resume. Focus on highlighting your skills in a positive and job-relevant way. Try to set yourself apart from the other candidates as the most suitable person for the job. You need to think about the job requirements and emphasize your fit with these needs. You can mention observations others have made about your strengths and abilities to reinforce your answer.

10. How to deal with stress created by meeting the challenges?

Describe the specific steps you took to remain calm and controlled. Focus on skills such as planning, flexibility, communication and discipline.

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