1. Have you ever had a conflict with your boss or professor? How you resolved it?

Yes, I have had conflicts in the past. Never major ones, but certainly there have been situations where there was a disagreement that needed to be resolved. I've found that when conflict occurs, it's because of a failure to see both sides of a situation. Therefore, I ask the other person to give me their perspective and at the same time ask that they allow me to fully explain my perspective. At that point, I would work with the person to find out if a compromise could be reached. If not, I would submit their decision because they are my superior. In the end, you have to be willing to submit yourself to the directives of your superior, whether you're in full agreement or not.

2. Tell me why should we hire you for this position?

This question is as straightforward as they come. If you've prepared for the interview ahead of time, this one should be easy. Your answer should focus on your experience, accomplishments, why you are different than your peers, and your work ethic, as they pertain to the specific job description. If you handled the interview well up to this point, you are just tying it all together.

3. What qualities do you feel a successful candidate for this post should have?

The key quality should be leadership the ability to be the visionary for the people who are working under them; the person who can set the course and direction for subordinates. A manager should also be a positive role model for others to follow. The highest calling of a true leader is inspiring others to reach the highest of their abilities. I'd like to tell you about a person who I consider to be a true leader.

4. If you had to live your life over again, what would you want to change?

That's a good question. I realize that it can be very easy to look back and wish that things had been different in the past. But I also realize that things in the past cannot be changed, that only things in the future can be changed. That's why I continually strive to improve myself everyday and that is why I am working hard to become the very best for your company has ever had to make a positive change. So in answer to your question, there isn't anything in my past that I would change. I look to the future to make changes in my life.

5. Do you have any questions?

If you have done your homework, you'll have several questions to ask about the position, company, or industry. Having questions already prepared makes you appear motivated to excel in the interview, and generally organized and put together. If all else fails, ask the interviewer if they need any further clarification about your qualifications.

6. How many players are there in a soccer game?

This type of question has nothing to do with your career. Right or wrong answers do not matter. Interviewers want to see if you can manage with non-related subjects, and think on your feet. They might be testing your ability to reason, problem solve, and utilize resources.
I am not sure but my guess would be at least two players on each side, one in the goal and one to play defense. I will put the number between seven and twelve on each team. I would definitely want to consult a colleague of mine who plays soccer if this was a game show right now using phone a friend is important sometimes in utilizing available resources.

7. What kind of salary do you think you are worth?

Don't be too specific a range is often most comfortable for everyone to work with. Even better, ask if the company has a salary scale and base your answer on that. Remember, salary is related to market value. Research your worth before you get into the interview. Also, interviews are not ignorant. Research your market value and give a range:
I checked a few sites on the internet and found that the average salary for a web designer ranges from 45K to 60K per year in this geographic area, depending on the responsibilities and duties involved. I am not set on a specific number and am willing to negotiate.

8. At your last job, you worked at the same position for five years without a promotion. Why?

Avoid saying anything negative. Tell the truth in a positive way. There was not much growth in our department. None of the people working in my department had been promoted. This is one of the reasons I am looking for a new employment opportunity.

9. Why have you been unemployed for the last two years?

You must have a sound reason for not working so long or having a big gap in your work history. Some examples of good reason would be:
★ Caring for a sick family member
★ Raising children
★ Looking for the right job where you can really contribute (this will not work if the period of unemployment was an extremely long time)
★ Trying out self-employment or owning your own business
★ Returning to school for further training
★ Learning new skills
★ Exploring or traveling (for a short gap only).

10. What things in a job make you more productive?

Remember, no work environment is 100% perfect. You can't please all of the people all of the time. However, we adapt and make the best of what we have. So make your answer practical.

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