1. How to create an account on Skype?

Now that you have the software to sign in to and an account to sign in with, let's get you started on using it.
All communication software seems to handle the concept of contacts slightly differently, so I wanted to explain how they work on Skype before you start adding contacts of your own.
The general idea is that you search for your friend in the directory of Skype users, send them a contact request and then, once they have accepted the request, send them a message or call them.

2. How would you find friends and add them as contacts in skype?

No matter who or where your friends are in the world, there is a good chance that they use Skype. Finding and adding them as contacts is not always easy though. You can use a friend's Skype Name, their email address or their name to find them in the Skype Directory.
There are a lot of people who use Skype though, so it can be tough to find the right person. Searching by Skype Name is the easiest, followed by email address and then name. If you know their phone number you can call them using a little Skype Credit and ask for their Skype Name to help you add them as a contact.

3. Why do dark backgrounds erase your features?

This tip comes from my experience as a photographer. If you put yourself in front of a dark background, your webcam is going to think you are in a dark room and will try to pick up as much light as possible. In doing that, your webcam will overexpose your face and it will end up looking featureless. That's not a flattering look, so do pick a light colored background.

4. Why do you have to set up spoken and written language separately?

Skype Translator is powered by Microsoft Translator, which already supports translation of 44 languages but these can be used only when chatting.
Voice translation currently supports only English and Spanish but the number of supported languages will grow with time.

5. How can you record a Skype video chat so you can put it into a movie?

Ecamm is your best choice since you are on MAC. We recommend Supertintin on Windows. Many people use camstudio also which is a general purpose screen recorder. Ecammm and Supertintin are designed for online video recording only. There are charges for Ecam and Supertintin.

6. Will the date taken of a Skype video snapshot appear on a photo that you imported into your photos?

As always, under Windows, the date shown is the date it was taken, in the Details View.
The only exception to this is when you make a copy to a USB Flash Drive, for example, which sometimes shows the date the file was copied, in the Details View but, right-click and view Properties to see when the original photo was taken.

7. What are the tips to improve video chat's performance?

Normal DSL speed is at 150KB/s. Your internet connection might be the issue or your CPU speed. Check your PC speed. Right click on My Computer, Properties. There should be a number ending with GHz. followed by RAM.
If GHz is lower than 1.5GHz then that might be the problem. If RAM is lower than 512MB then that is another problem. Try closing any extra programs when you are on skype.
Overall it comes down to your:
☛ PC speed
☛ Internet speed

8. How would you take a Skype video snapshot that shows both caller screens?

Windows: Press PrtSc to copy a full screen picture. And open Paint, Press Shift+Insert to paste the picture.

9. What is the way to view old skype video calls?

You would need to record them with a Skype video recorder like windows or Mac 0 and then play them back.

10. Do you and your friend in two different countries need to buy a Skype subscription in order to video chat with each other?

Skype video call is free so you both do not have to buy a skype subscription in order to video chat with each other.

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