1. List some effective things to do for taking initiative at any work?

Here are some of the things effective people do when they taking initiatives:
☛ Right problems to solve
☛ Clear goals and measures of success
☛ Make sure you can produce results
☛ Build and maintain credibility

2. What are the rules to be initiative at workplace?

Here are a couple of other rules about initiative:
☛ Before you take on anything new, make sure that you are doing your assigned job well.
☛ Remember that social initiatives do not count for much. Organizing the company picnic or a blood drive will not get you the kind of recognition you want. They are fine things to do but do them because they bring you satisfaction.
☛ The kind of initiatives that matter to your career are those that relate to the company's critical path. Find out what promotes the company's core mission and tie your initiatives to it.

3. List a few steps which can be used to develop the initiativeness at workplace?

An initiative is a skill that you can develop. You can do this by following these steps:
☛ Develop a Career Plan
☛ Build Self-Confidence
☛ Spot Opportunities and Potential Improvements
☛ Sense-Check Your Ideas
☛ Develop Rational Persistence
☛ Find Balance

4. List some ideas to show initiative at workplace?

Consider the following ideas for lighting the fire of initiative in your daily work life:
☛ Always be alert for ways to make something work better. Make the suggestion. Volunteer to take ownership for getting it done.
☛ Take it upon yourself be the first to adopt and implement the newest company policy.
☛ Stay alert for ideas to simplify processes and find new and better ways of doing things. Proactively suggest those improvement ideas. Be the example for implementing those processes.
☛ Stay alert for ways to save money and reduce costs. Raise your hand to communicate those suggestions as quickly as possible.
☛ Reach out to colleagues and team members who need help.
☛ Be the first to volunteer for those tough projects and assignments.
☛ Always think ahead. Preempt likely obstacles with well-thought-out plans that take those obstacles into consideration.
☛ Provide, in advance, the answers to the questions you know are going to be asked. "Think like your boss/manager" and consider all deliverable from their perspective before you submit them. Always review your work from the elevation of "30,000 feet."
☛ Always do your homework, always be prepared. Read the material in advance, research the subject matter in advance, dig in and immerse yourself in the topic at hand.
☛ Deal with problems immediately, take action and be decisive. Get it done and get it behind you as quickly as possible.

5. Why should you support employee initiatives at workplace?

Complement and support employee initiative. Implementing a company-wide change that one employee has made will encourage other workers to follow the lead of their colleague. You will also send the signal that employees need not be afraid to try new ideas and go the extra mile. Listening to employees and encouraging them to find solutions to problems they encounter gives them a sense of ownership of their jobs and a sense of accomplishment when their initiative results in real change.

6. Why should you give employees the freedom to take initiative at workplace?

When employees feel they have the latitude to try new endeavors, they probably will. Let employees know they can make changes to the workplace in a way that improves their ability to do their jobs well. Encourage big or small changes depending on what works for your company. You might discover that employees who are free to make their jobs easier will spend more time doing their job and will take the initiative to do it better.

7. Tell me how would you inspire initiative at workplace?

Doing less might be the key to inspiring initiative. If you let employees come up with workplace solutions, their innovation might surprise you. Small businesses owners in particular can benefit from this dedication during the start-up phase and through periods of company growth.

8. How would you deliver results for building and maintaining credibility for the initiative at workplace?

Best way of building credibility is to make initiatives successful so that others feel good about the efforts they put in. Effective people make sure that the percentage of initiatives that succeed is very high. This is done by picking the right ones and then creating right environment and team to make it successful.

9. How would you give credit and take blame for building and maintaining credibility for the initiative at workplace?

Effective people understand that since people go out of their regular work schedule to work on initiatives most of the time, they need positive reinforcement all the time. One of the best ways to do this is to give credit when it is due, rather than taking all the limelight when initiative succeeds. Also, it means taking the blame if things go wrong rather than letting others bear the brunt of someone's ire. This generates the respect and good faith that is needed for people to sign up for initiatives with effective people.

10. How would you be transparent in building and maintaining credibility for the initiative at workplace?

Effective people are transparent about why they pick initiatives and are always willing to explain the benefits of an initiative. Their actions support their reasoning and helps people see that the intention is to really solve a problem and not to take undue advantage of others.

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