1. Tell me what are values strengths?

Values strengths are enduring beliefs, principles or ideals that are of prime importance to you. Values reside in your thoughts and feelings, not behavior, e.g. your value for family, your value for hard work.

2. Do you know what are learning strengths?

Learning styles are ideas or hypotheses about how people approach new material, e.g. you might be reflective in how you learn a particular subject or you might be more interpersonal in your style because you want to receive new learning through discussion rather than reading.

3. What are the types of physical strengths?

Here are four kinds of physical strengths:
☛ Absolute Strength
☛ Relative Strength
☛ Power Strength
☛ Strength Endurance

4. What are the types of strength training?

There are 4 types of strength training:
☛ Training for muscle power
☛ Training for muscle strength
☛ Training for muscle hypertrophy
☛ Training for muscular endurance

5. Why would you ask yourself about your desires in life to overcome your strengths and weaknesses?

Whether you are applying for your first job or have just settled into retirement, you should always have goals and yearnings in life. Determine what drives you and what makes you happy.
Consider why you want to complete those activities or goals and what it will take to reach them. Chances are, these are your passions and dreams in life areas of great strength.

6. Why would you consider your desires next to overcome your strengths and weaknesses?

Your desires or longings say a lot about you, even if you have been spending a lot of time denying them. Stories abound of people pursuing a particular career course because it is what their family expected and becoming a doctor or lawyer when they would rather have been a ballet dancer or a mountain trekker instead.

7. List 2 ways to overcome your strengths and weaknesses?

2 ways to overcome your strengths and weaknesses:
☛ Consider your desires next.
☛ Ask yourself: What are your desires in life?

8. Do you know how would you think of a time when you had to make a decision but lacked all of the facts?

If you go ahead and make the decision without waiting to gather all the information, your strength might be in taking practical action as a means to clarify a situation. Your weakness might be shortsightedness.
On the other hand, if you waited until you got more facts before making the decision, your strength may be in analysis and certainty, while your weakness may be over-cautiousness.

9. Tell me how would you think of a time when you have been put on the spot and had to react immediately?

The person who rattles off a brilliant comeback or who solves a problem quickly can be said to have quick-wittness as a strength, and perhaps limited depth as a weakness.
The person who takes time to think could be described as having planning as a strength and perhaps limited nimbleness as a weakness.

10. How would you think of less challenging situations that are still hard but not so life and death?

The person connecting with others is strong at socializing, while the quieter person is strong at connecting individually. Both these strengths can be used to the person's natural advantage.
It might not be effective to call either relational style a weakness, although in certain situations, garrulousness can be a weakness and shyness can also be a weakness. The silver lining is that both of the "weaknesses" can be improved upon.

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