1. “Genius is infinite attention to detail” would you agree with this definition?

Job seeker should understand that patience, focus, and a commitment to succeed are essential to the achievement of any task.

2. What types of people annoy you?

A good answer here would suggest a candidate can think “on his/her feet”. Applicants may mention something like “people who intentionally and repeatedly don't do their jobs properly - even though they have accepted the job and the paycheck that goes with it”.

3. Are you a patient person?

A candidate should answer question in an affirmative manner and back it up with convincing examples.

4. Most people find it very hard to be patient? How do you manage it?

Candidate should lead a disciplined life-style, which includes a range of calming, life-enhancing hobbies and activities. They should appear to have a calm personality.

5. Can you tell me about a situation that really tested your patience?

Answer should display a patient and positive attitude when challenging situations occur. Applicant should be able to achieve goals that require a lot of time and patience.