1. Is it unethical to provide callers with incorrect information regarding an employee's availability?

I do not think it is unethical. An employee may not want to take calls due to personal or professional reasons and it is up to us to comply with their orders. Telephone operators are not allowed to pass judgment on these things. There are times when a caller is deemed harmful to a company (for one reason or another) and it is perfectly justifiable not to forward his or her calls.

2. How you rate your communication skills?

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate my communication skills at 8. Communication is all that telephone operators do on any given work day so they hold a lot of importance.

3. How you can handle strict deadlines?

I handle deadlines through effective time management, task prioritization and multitasking. If the tasks are prioritized and time line chalked out, meeting the strictest deadlines becomes a piece of cake.

4. How your former employer described you?

Good communication skills, willing to go beyond my work duties, able to meet deadlines.

5. Why did you choose to become a Telephone Operator?

I chose to become a telephone operator because I have strong communication skills and I wanted to be in a position to develope my skills and help people.

6. How you can handle stressful situations?

Do not like to react. Stress is only a temprorary situation which will phase out.

7. What computing skills do you have?

Ms Word, Email, Internet, MS Word, MS Powerpoint and MS Excell.

8. What kind of people you get along with best?

I am an easygoing person and usually get along well with everyone. I however find it easy to interact with people who are good listeners and effective communicators.

9. How would you do if client is asking about something you do not have knowledge of?

I would clearly tell them that the information they are seeking is not available with me. Then I will either direct them to the concerned person / source of information or will acquire the required information myself and get back to them later.

10. Explain the difference between interpersonal and intrapersonal communication?

Interpersonal communication refers to clarifying what a person wants to communicate within his or her mind while interpersonal communication refers to communication that occurs between two individuals.

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