1. Which course did you find the most difficult? Why?

The manager wants to know if you have perseverance: I got a D in my first term of algebra. My study skills were all wrong. I joined a study group. By the third term I pulled it up to a B and kept it there.

2. Any major problem you faced and how you solved it?

Think of something related to work, school, civic, or leisure activities. Tell it as a story. Give details. The manager wants to see how you define problems, identify options, decide on a solution, handle obstacles, and solve the problem.

3. What was your greatest weakness?

Focus on work, not character weakness. Turn it into a positive, I'm accused of being a workaholic. I like to stay and get caught up on the odds and the ends before I go home.

4. What motivates you to do a good job?

Money is not a good answer. A good answer is something like, having responsibilities and being acknowledged when the job is done right.

6. Who are your hero?

Think about it.

8. Are you at your best when working alone or in a group?

Both, I enjoy working as a part of a team and I can work independently to get my share of the work done.

9. Do you have a drug or alcohol problem?

If you do, get some help. Enroll in a program.

10. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

It's not illegal to ask this question if it has a bearing on the job you are seeking.

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