1. What is in telephonic interview?

Telephone interviews are often conducted by employers in the initial interview round of the hiring process, this type of interview allows an employer to screen candidates on the candidates experience, qualifications, and salary expectations pertaining to the position and the company. The telephone interview saves the employers' time and eliminates candidates that are unlikely to meet the company's expectations. Employers tend to perform telephone interviews as a structured interview.

2. What questions Not to ask on a phone interview?

❋ Will I have to work overtime?
❋ Are the working hours flexible?
❋ Can I work from home?
❋ Does this job require that I pass a Drug and Background check?
❋ How much does this position pay?
❋ What type of health insurance does the company offer?
❋ Is there public transportation in the company's area?
❋ How many weeks of vacation time/ sick time do you offer?

3. What questions to ask employers on a phone interview?

✿ What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?
✿ How will my leadership responsibilities and performance be measured? By whom?
✿ Who will review my performance? How often?
✿ What is the company's plan for the next five years, and how does this department fit in?
✿ Could you describe your company's management style and the type of employee who fits well within it?
✿ Who is the company's competition? What are the company's strengths and weaknesses compared to its competition?
✿ What is the company's policy on providing education, workshops, and training so employees can keep up their skills or acquire new ones?

4. How well do you handle stress and pressure at work? Please give an example of how you overcame a stressful situation?

The correct answer is that you work well under pressure, and you enjoy working in an environment that is challenging. It's good for the employer to know that you are an individual who has the capability to diffusing stress while working in demanding environments with deadlines.

5. Why are you the one we should hire? As you know we have spoken with several candidates?

Give detailed examples of your skills and accomplishments. Be positive, and emphasize how your background matches their job description.

6. How many years experience do you have in _________?

this is a close-ended question, give a direct answer and the only other thing you should add would be your proficiency with this particular skill. Just because you may have 5 years of experience with something doesn't necessarily mean you are a master at that skill. Being as honest as possible will help eliminate the possibility of setting yourself up for failure.

7. What do you know about this company/job that you are applying for?

This question is used to see if you have prepared for the interview. Candidates that have researched the company are more appealing. Companies like prepared, organized candidates.

8. How much do you have managerial experience or are you more of an individual contributor?

If you do not, then it is ok to say that you are an individual contributor, if you do have managerial experience then elaborate on your experience, let them know; when, where, how many people did you manage, your responsibilities as a manager, etc.. Note: good managers talk about their employees and their employee's growth, development, each employees responsibilities, etc.

9. Tell me have you received any raises or promotions at your current employer?

This is a pretty straight forward question, either you have or you haven't. Either way it is always good to discuss your promotions and if you haven't been promoted, then keep the conversation positive:
which means no negative discussions!

10. Tell me what size groups do you work in and do you have any group size preferences?

This is a question to see how comfortable you working with other people. It is always best to be honest, with the employer and yourself. If you really don't like working in larger groups or around lots of people then let them know Maybe the job isn't an exact fit for you and that's OK because there will be many other opportunities out there that may provide you with your ideal work environment. Phone interviews and in person interviews are also a perfect opportunity for you the candidate to be interviewing the employer, to verify if their company/job is best for you!

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