1. Does salary packaging have an effect on your family benefits?

Salary packaging will reduce your gross salary and the grossed-up value of the reportable fringe benefits will be shown on your Payment Summary. Your gross salary and grossed-up reportable amounts will be used by the government for income assessments which may affect the following:
☛ Superannuation
☛ Family benefit payments / child support
☛ Medicare levy surcharge

2. What are the most common exempt benefits?

Your employer may offer a range of exempt benefits. The most common exempt benefits that are salary packaged are:
☛ Meal entertainment.
☛ Holiday accommodation & venue hire.
☛ Remote area housing.
☛ Portable electronic devices (for work related purposes).

3. What is an exempt benefit?

An exempt benefit is an expense that can be salary packaged over and above the capped limit amount. Exempt benefits are benefits offered by your employer that are non-reportable, not subject to fringe benefits tax and can be salary packaged in addition to your capped limit amount. However, there are limitations that apply to some exempt benefits offered.

4. What salary package were you getting at your last job?

It would be very difficult for me to compare my last salary with this position for various reasons, primarily because I do not have enough information about your whole package. I am sure we can discuss this subject and your entire package before an offer is made.

5. Why is not everyone doing salary package if it is that good?

Salary packaging with Selectus is only available to employees whose employer has agreed to offer it to their staff. In addition, the process of salary packaging and the taxation benefits that it provides can be difficult to understand and this might deter some people from taking advantage of their workplace entitlements.

6. Would you consider taking less salary package than your last job?

I would really need to know more about the opportunity and your whole package before I can give you and answer to that question. You may offer extra perks that my last job may not have had or vice versa. Basically, I need more information before I decide.

7. What salary package are you expecting for this role?

You need to have thought through very carefully in your own mind both what salary package you can reasonably expect and also what the minimum is that you would be prepared to accept, assuming the job itself was suitably attractive. These are issues only you can decide but it will certainly help to have an awareness of what your 'market value' really is. This will take a little research. But that is not to say you should give a precise answer. Unless you have a firm job offer in hand, it is best to dodge the question slightly and quote a range of possibilities.

8. What is your current salary package?

I would strongly recommend against any answer other than the absolute truth. They are not asking what salary package you are now looking for. They are asking what you currently receive and that is what you need to tell them, although it is always a good idea to emphasize that money is not your only motivator. When it comes to talking money, you never want to come across as mercenary.

9. What does comprise salary package?

Formally, everything that you get from your employer compromises your pay package - leave, stock, insurance, base pay, bonuses. Informally, it typically refers to just base salary paid vacation is simply lumped in with the yearly total.

10. When can you start salary packaging?

You may commence your salary packaging arrangement at any point throughout the year. You can also maximize your arrangement by salary packaging your annual capped limit within a shorter period of time.

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