1. Described Corporate communication?

orporate communication is a set of activities involved in managing and orchestrating all internal and external communications aimed at creating favourable point of view among stakeholders on which company depends. It is messages issued by a corporate organization, body, or institute to its audiences, such as employees, media, channel partners and general public.

2. What are the responsibilities of corporate communication?

★ To flesh out the profile of the "company behind the brand" (corporate branding)
★ To minimize discrepancies between the company's desired identity and brand features
★ To delegate tasks in communication
★ To formulate and execute effective procedures to make decisions on communication matters
★ To mobilize internal and external support for corporate objectives
★ To coordinate with international business firms

3. Define Connectivity?

Internal communication is used mainly to clarify the connectedness of the company's people and activities.

4. Define Efficiency?

Internal communication is used primarily to disseminate information about corporate activities.

5. Define Shared meaning?

Internal communication is used to build a shared understanding among employees about corporate goals.

6. Define Satisfaction?

Internal communication is used to improve job satisfaction throughout the company.

7. What is public relations in Corporate Communication?

Role of public relations specialist, in many ways, is to communicate with general public in ways that serve interests of company. PR therefore consists of numerous specialty areas that convey information about company to public, including sponsor-ships, events, issues management and media relations. When executing these types of activities, PR Specialist must incorporate broader corporate messages to convey company's strategic positioning. This ensures PR activities ultimately convey messages that distinguish company vis-a-vis its competitors and overall marketplace, while also communicating company's value to target audiences.

8. What is the role of investor relations?

★ Comply with regulations
★ Create a favorable relationship with key financial audiences
★ Contribute to building and maintaining the company's image and reputation.

9. Described about Investor relations?

The investor relations (IR) function is used by companies which publicly trade shares on a stock exchange. In such companies, the purpose of the IR specialist is to interface with current and potential financial stakeholders-namely retail investors, institutional investors, and financial analysts.

10. What is Issues management?

Key role of PR specialist is to make company better known for traits and attributes that build company's perceived distinctiveness and competitiveness with public. In recent years, PR specialists have become increasingly involved in helping companies manage strategic issues - public concerns about their activities that are frequently magnified by special interest groups and NGOs. Role of PR specialist therefore also consists of issues management, namely "set of organizational procedures, routines, personnel, and issues". A strategic issue is one that compels a company to deal with it because there is " a conflict between two or more identifiable groups over procedural or substantive matters relating to distribution of positions or resources".

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