1. List some exciting jobs associated with creativity?

Jobs associated with creativity:
☛ Movie Producer
☛ Music
☛ Painting
☛ Computer Graphics
☛ Movie and Theater: Actor/Actress
☛ Web designing
☛ 3d modeling and animation
☛ Art Director

2. List some exciting careers in business?

Exciting careers in business:
☛ Management Consulting
☛ Managing projects
☛ Financial Advisor
☛ Sales
☛ Business/marketing development
☛ Brand manager

3. List some exciting careers related to fun?

Fun and interesting careers:
☛ Media: advertising, publishing, Internet, TV producers
☛ Entertainment Jobs: promotion, film,
☛ Fashion Model
☛ Flight attendant, cabin crew, Cruise Ship
☛ Journalist
☛ Public relation
☛ Blogging
☛ Photographer

4. List some exciting jobs which require designing, programming and planning?

Exciting jobs require designing, programming and planning:
☛ Programmer
☛ Professor
☛ Engineer
☛ Event planner
☛ Designer
☛ Private Detective
☛ Police Investigator

5. Why would you like have most exciting jobs?

If you believe you have to work long hours and you have to sacrifice family commitments and enjoyment to have exciting careers that pay well you would be wrong.
There are all kinds of exciting careers for men and all kinds of exciting careers for women that leave you with plenty of time for family and friends, and let's not forget vacations.

6. List some most exciting government jobs in the world?

Here are some most exciting government jobs in the world:
☛ Chemist, Scientist
☛ Astronaut
☛ Combat Specialty Officer
☛ Secret Service
☛ Homeland Security
☛ Detective
☛ Aircraft Flight Instructor

7. What are chemists/scientists?

With new discoveries being made every day and the threats of evolving bacteria and pandemic diseases looming on the horizon, there is a lot of incentive to become a chemist or biological scientist. Because the biotechnology industry is experiencing such rapid growth, biotechnology jobs often expect workers to be more skilled than those that are currently available, therefore, many agencies are enrolling employees in training programs and subsidizing the costs.

8. What are exciting jobs that play well?

Many of today's young people want to do something different, something that is not like what their parent might have done. They need not worry as there are exciting jobs for young people and some of the most exciting jobs in the world can be found right here in country.

9. What are astronauts?

Government aerospace workers often work collaboratively with major sectors of the aerospace industry, including commercial air, space exploration, national defense and research and development.

10. What are combat specialty officers?

Combat specialty officers plan and direct military operations, oversee combat activities and serve as combat leaders. As such, they are put in charge of tanks and other armored assault vehicles, artillery systems, Special Forces and infantry.

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