1. Tell us about the most pressing environmental issue currently?

Appear to be a right or wrong answer but it is not. This question will allow you to discuss what you believe to be the most pressing issue in the environmental sector. It doesn't matter what you discuss as long as you have a good justification for your choice. Issues you may wish to discuss include global warming, energy resources, deforestation, desertification or declining bio-diversity. Research the news carefully for any new developments and bring these up.

2. What are main differences between education today and in your own school days?

National curriculum has probably evolved since you were at school, even if you left relatively recently there have still been more vocational subjects have been introduced into the curriculum. Research specific changes as they will be personal to you depending on when you left school. Schools also employ more technology in a greater range of subjects than it's likely you were used to. Behavior is unlikely, however, to be a bigger problem than in the past: yes, there are some poorly behaved children and there are always a small number of reported incidents in school. Remember though that classroom management is an important part of teacher training.

3. What working in healthcare/social care entails?

If you have prepared thoroughly before the interview then that should shine through when answering this question. An answer that is accurate would be beneficial here but try not to appear like you have just memorized the job specification and are just parroting it back. When you are mentioning the roles that you could take, explain why you have the right skills to be successful and give examples.

4. How would you increase sales?

This question seeks to assess your marketing potential. If you have thoroughly prepared for the interview then this will be a good opportunity for you to display some industry specific knowledge. In the sector often the price and placement of products are key, so you may wish to shape your answer around these elements of the marketing mix. Finish your reply with a acknowledgement of the balance between an increase in revenues and an increase in the cost of marketing.

5. Tell me why you want to work in the environmental sector?

Good opportunity to get across to the employer how you will be a motivated worker. A good approach would be to say that you find environmental issues interesting and this is why you want to pursue employment in this sector. If there is a particular issue you are concerned with, or have an area of expertise, make sure you highlight this. Make sure you are up to date with environmental issues in the news.

6. Tell me about a situation where you were required to gather a large amount of data, to analyse it objectively and to make a decision or a recommendation based on the results?

Unless you have had a lengthy work placement it is unlikely that you will be able to use an example other than from your degree, but this is still relevant as long as you tailor your answer carefully to the question. Focus on an extended project from your degree (or work placement if applicable) and go into detail as to how you dealt with data to formulate your recommendations. This is a good opportunity to highlight a successful project so expand your answer to include positive feedback you received.

7. Tell me why is it important to maintain the physical environment we exist in?

An open question and it will allow the interviewer to get an insight into your philosophical position on environmental issues. A well balanced diplomatic answer is probably the order of the day here. Only express marginal beliefs if you can back them up. If can use an issue or even currently in the news to reinforce your answer it will reflect well on you.

8. Tell me about a time when you confronted a problem that really tested your engineering know-how?

For most graduates the use of an academic example would be best here unless they have taken relevant work experience and can therefore use a practical example. This question gives you a good opportunity to display your knowledge about engineering and discuss skills that you possess which an employer would value. The ability to problem solve effectively is key to an employer so go into depth on how the overcame initial difficulties.

9. Tell me have you ever been in a situation when you've had to make a difficult topic interesting and accessible?

The challenge for teachers of all subjects is to make them interesting and accessible to young people. You shouldn't assume that any topic is too dull or difficult. There are many resources, especially online, available to teachers to help them develop ideas and plans for lessons in a way that is interesting to young people. Some practice in presenting difficult subjects, for example to young people on work experience, or experience of teamwork, perhaps through working with young people in a voluntary situation, will be useful to you.

10. What are the most significant written technical report or presentation that you have had to complete?

If you have had experience in the engineering sector then an example from that time would be best, but an academic example would also be good and would probably provide you with the most to talk about. This is an opportunity to really talk yourself up, so extend your answer and go into detail. Discuss the skills that you used in the project and say how those skills would be transferable and beneficial to a potential employer.

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