What are electrical power line workers?

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When the power goes out, as it sometimes does, someone is there to see it comes back on. In many cases it is an electrical power-line worker, climbing a wooden utility pole or working in tight recesses underground to identify and repair the cause of the power outage. And while it does suck to miss the latest episode of Project Dance Idol Racers, the power-line workers are often in precarious positions to ensure that your lights come back on. One of the most common causes of power outages is severe weather, weather it is lightning strikes that overload a transformer, high winds that knock down power lines or heavy rains that seep through to underground power conduits. The power-line worker has to work in those same conditions that caused the outages. Sometimes tethered to a a splintery utility pole while winds howl around her. And if the power is out where you are, chances are the power is out where he/she is fixing it, so all his/her work is done in the dark, except for the light she can bring on her own.
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