A rich man died. In his will, he has divided his gold coins among his 5 sons, 5 daughters and a manager.

According to his will: First give one coin to manager. 1/5th of the remaining to the elder son. Now give one coin to the manager and 1/5th of the remaining to second son and so on..... After giving coins to 5th son, divided the remaining coins among five daughters equally.

All should get full coins. Find the minimum number of coins he has?

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We tried to find out some simple mathematical method and finally we wrote small C program to find out the answer. The answer is 3121 coins.

Here is the breakup:

First son = 624 coins
Second son = 499 coins
Third son = 399 coins
Forth son = 319 coins
Fifth son = 255 coins
Daughters = 204 each
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