List some effective follow up techniques?

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Effective interview follow up techniques:
★Send a brief but well written interview follow up letter.
★Make sure your employment references, sometimes referred to as job references, will give you a good recommendation and talk positively about you. Do not assume this will happen automatically.
★Consider asking your former boss or other influential person to write for you a character reference letter. A well written character reference letter can make a difference in you getting a job interview or a job offer.
★Three strikes and you are out. Job seekers needlessly worry about how many times they should call the company if nothing is happening or no one is calling them back.
★Collecting your travel expenses. This technique tells you how to get reimbursed for travel expenses without losing your cool or rubbing someone the wrong way. It is amazing how many companies take their sweet time about reimbursing you for your travel expenses. This is definitely a buying signal, especially if they give you their cell phone number.
★In most cases, you should view this as an open invitation to call them. It may even be part of your interview evaluation.
★Promptly return calls, emails and requests for information. This interview follow up advice may seem unnecessary, but you would be surprised how many job seekers fall out of favor with hiring managers by not providing timely information (references, employment application) or simply taking too long to return a phone call.
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